Design, Implementation and Management of Computer Networks

( LAN/MAN/WAN, Data, Voice & Video)

We offer design, implementation, maintenance and Auditing services for computer networks We have teams of trained and certified engineers and cabling experts who will design, implement networks, troubleshoot and resolve issues with existing networks which are chocked

We have designed and implemented Large networking assignments in both wired and wireless media. We are business partners of {Tobe Filled] and [Tobe Filled] for their structured cabling technologies. Wireless Network implementations include Large campus wide wireless network deployment and point to point wireless connectivity between points separated by 10s of kilometers. We are tied up with Tel excel for their range of outdoor wifi points.

  • We have audited existing networks for their performance and have fine tuned / changed the design to get the best throughput
  • Our Network deployment capabilities include the integration of various networking technologies like copper, fiber, long range DSL and wireless.
  • Our Network design enable Data, Voice and Video traffic to run longside each other at without any drop in performance.
  • We offer products of Cisco, 3com, Dlink for Data, voice requirements.