Managed services

Vintage provides Managed services in onsite or remote mode to manage the IT resources of the customer. The Managed services includes all the above Infrastructure services and other additional services like user management, IT Asset management, software license management, enterprise wide software deployment, In addition to these services.

This can be further split up as review of

  • Network deployment
  • IT policy for desktops
  • IT policy for servers
  • Implementation of Antivirus, Antispam, patch management for windows OS.
  • Deployment of Router, Firewall
  • Deployment of wireless lans
  • Deployment of any windows Authentication domain.
  • Physical Security and access to critical network and IT resources
  • Safety Measures and Alarm systems in place
  • Implementation of backup, disaster recovery strategy.


The above activities involve network surveying, port scanning, systems & service identification, Vulnerability research & verification, studying of existing access rules and privileges on perimeter devices like router & firewall, study of Access control, firealarm systems etc.