Dairy Management Software - ERP

Dairy Automation Software is work flow base & configurable, The key features include, Milk Receiption, Production, Order Process, Dispatches, Inventory & Stores, Quality Assurance, Production Planning, Machine Maintenance, Accounts.

Key features of ERP

  • Technology used .net and Database Oracle.
  • Hosted model
  • Role based Access to Application
  • Machine maintainance and Alerts.
  • Every Machine Check List, Logs, Production and Consumable usage Maintainance.
  • QA Process automation on every stage of development
  • Internal and External Indents.
  • Complete Order processing from Orders to Dispatching the goods to Customer
  • Generation of Invoice, Gate Page, Performa Invoice
  • Inventory, FIFO model
  • Machine Effiecieny Report, Daily Production, Dispatches and other Statutory Reports
  • Audit Logs


Technology : .Net Framework , C#, , Oracle 9i
Client : Milk Union in Karnataka.