Milk Analyzer

Milk Analyser

LACTOSCAN COMPACT : The machine is a compact version of MEGA NETCO LACTO SCAN LA. It can test FAT, SNF, & Added Water at a speed of 80 samples per hour. With semi auto cleaning system, the Fat Analyzer works with a very advanced Peristaltic Pump, which maintains one way milk flow system, that is useful for better accuracy and repeatability of results and longer life of the components. The SNF Analyzer is portable with provision to connect serial printer and computer interface through Rs.232 Port.

ParameterMeasuring rangeAccuracy
 Fat  from 0.01% to 45%  ± 0.06%
 SNF  from 3% to 40%  ± 0.15%
 Added Water Content  from 0% to 70%  ± 3.0%
 Temperature of milk  from 5°C to 40°C  ± 1°C
 pH*  from 0 to 14  ± 0.05%
 Conductivity*  from 2 to 14 mS/cm  ± 0.05 (mS/cm)